Hot Spot Flasher Hoochie Combos


The Pacific Northwest’s top sellers, Hot Spot Flashers catch more salmon than any other trolling attractor. The erratic, lifelike action will have your bait kicking, darting, and swaying like a terrified baitfish, inducing savage strikes. The UV Series uses advanced UV technology to maximize the reflection of ultraviolet light, so fish can see this bait at greater distances and initiate strikes from farther away. Hot Spot Glow flashers produce very well in low-light conditions or off-colored water. Premium hardware includes Sampo® ball-bearing swivels and stainless steel snaps.

  • Top-selling flasher for salmon from Alaska to California
  • Produces an erratic, lifelike action
  • Available in productive UV and Glow patterns
  • Made with Sampo ball-bearing swivels and stainless steel snaps

Humpys and Sockeye can’t resist this combination of bone white flasher, fluorescent pink Hoochie, rigged and ready with 24″ of Big Game mono and Mustad hook.


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