Browning Superlight Feather

browning superlight feather

Fast straight grip stock with Schnabel forearm. Designed for lightness with aluminum alloy receiver.

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Browning Superlight Feather

A profile of performance. The exquisite profile of this over under shotgun exemplifies the genius of John M. Browning. His first invention, the Single Shot Model, looked similar to this Browning Citori Superlight Feather. So did versions of the original Superposed, from which this gun descended. The reason is obvious to most — with its straight grip stock the shooter can move his hand to any position for balance, comfort and maneuverability. And speed! The lack of a pistol grip and recoil pad, along with the substitution of light weight alloy for a usual steel receiver — make this model the sleek, nimble-handling sports car of the over under shotgunning shooting world.

Designed specifically for fast flushing targets. For any upland game like quail, grouse, pheasant, chukar, woodcock or gray partridge, this is the shotgun that knows its way around. It is fast to the shoulder, fast swinging on birds that flush like lightning. It’s lightweight and easy to carry, and a perfect choice for covey game, especially in it’s smaller gauges. It’s a true gentleman’s gun. A gun that is most appreciated in a hunter’s later years. The Schnabel forearm reminds one of its European ancestry. The good stuff in hunting gear seldom changes, especially with a firearm such as this. It’s timeless, tireless and belongs to a fine, regal family of famous firearms.


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