Gun Range Vacaville Dublin Guns Fishing and Other Stuff

Guns, Fishing & Other Stuff Dublin Range Is Open!

Dublin Range Hours:

  • MONDAY: Closed
  • TUESDAY- FRIDAY: 10AM – 6:45PM
    – Last Shooter 5:45PM
  • SATURDAY: 9AM – 6:45PM
    – Last Shooter 5:45PM
  • SUNDAY: Closed

Range Rates

  • $25 Per Hour
  • $12 Pistol Rental
  • $15 Rifle Rental
  • $1 Eyes or Ears
  • Target Availability and Pricing in Range

All Shooters Must Present A Valid Photo ID – Pictures, Copies, or Expired IDs Will Not Be Accepted

Acceptable ID Types:

  • Drivers License
  • State ID
  • School
  • Passport
  • Military/Law Enforcement ID

Use of Range Age Policy

  • You Must Be 21 To Shoot On Our Range Without A Legal Guardian
  • Shooters Under Under 21 (12 to 20) Must Be Accompanied By A Legal Guardian
  • Minimum Shooter Age Is 12 With Proof Of ID
  • Exception: Active Law Enforcement and Active Military Minimum Age Is 18 (Law Enforcement or Military ID Required)

Guns Fishing & Other Stuff Range Rules

Read the range rules HERE before going to our range!

Rules Clarification

Please note Range Rule #12 related to the number of people allowed per lane. Each lane is limited to a shooter and coach/supervisor.

No more than two people can be at a lane or present in the range area, even as an observer or a stand-by shooter.

If your visit includes two minors, you will need two adults and need to rent two lanes or two guns.