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Everything For Fishing and Other Stuff

Northern California offers an exceptional selection of saltwater and freshwater fishing. Stop in at Guns, Fishing & Other Stuff for rods, reels, combos, tackle, and all the accessories you need to catch the big ones! Whether you fish from a boat or a beach, you want brands of fishing gear you can depend on. There is nothing worse than watching your rod or reel disintegrate as you work the trophy fish of a lifetime into your net. Guns, Fishing & Other Stuff has everything and will help you with personalized professional advice!

Want to hook a young person to fishing? We have combos designed for children as well or will help you build a future pro an awesome fishing rig! We simply carry too many brands of fishing equipment to list! Come on down and explore our stores! We’ll gladly outfit you to hook the big ones!

Rods, Reels, Combos and Accessories

Whether you are casting off a beach or pier, our saltwater fishing gear selection is second to none. Prefer to drift a nymph on a quiet Sierra Nevada river, we offer an extensive collection of fly gear.  Flipping for a trophy Bass, trolling for Kokanee, stalking elusive Lahontan Cutthroat Trout? We have what you need! Our stores are just the right size so you can get in and get out on the water! We look forward to helping you fill your max your limits with keepers or fish and release all day!

Expert Advice On Specialty Fishing Gear

We carry awesome brands, so making choices can be challenging! Count on our staff to offer guidance whether you are a new or seasoned angler! We are likely to learn a thing or two from you! Fishing is always more fun when you are properly outfitted at Guns, Fishing & Other Stuff!

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Fishing Accessories, Tackle, Lures, Terminal Gear, and More

Guns, Fishing, & Other Stuff can help you catch (and release) more fish! We keep an awesome inventory of the classic and newest lures. Looking for that spoon your Dad relied on or that worm you scored that last fat Largemouth Bass with? We are your one stop fishing equipment shop for all types of fishing!

Fishing Line, Bait, and Boating Supplies

When was the last time you changed out your fishing line? Serious anglers know that to catch the biggest fish, fresh fishing line matters! From affordable monofilament to high-tech braided and fluorocarbon fishing line, Guns, Fishing and Other Stuff has it all! We also carry boating safety equipment, rod mounts, and have a variety of trolling accessories.

Want To Cast Further and More Accurately?

Let Guns, Fishing & Other Stuff Spool Fresh Line On Your Fishing Reel!

We have the machines that can spool your favorite fishing line or a new brand you want to try! We can spool new line on your new or an existing reel with a wide selection of braided, monofilament, or fluorocarbon fishing line! Properly spooling line on a fishing reel helps you make longer, more accurate casts!