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Rifles, Shotguns, Pistols And Shooting Accessories

Guns, Fishing and Other Stuff carries the top brands you rely on when it comes to hunting, recreational, and defensive shooting. Whether you need a new shotgun for duck season, target rifle, or the latest pistol, we have what you need. Along with top brands of firearms, we carry an extensive selection of ammunition and shooting accessories. We are authorized dealers for brands like Henry, Winchester, Beretta, Federal, CZ, Remington, Benelli, Browning, Kent, Ruger, Smith & Wesson, and Colt.

Vacaville & Dublin Gun Ranges

After your purchase, you won’t have far to go to practice, sight-in, or get additional experience and training with your new gun because both our stores feature indoor gun ranges! We encourage our customers to break in new guns on our ranges, your previously acquired, legally-owned guns are welcome on our range.*

*Please check our Range pages for more information and access to our Range Rules.

Firing Range Information

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Guns Fishing Other Stuff Partner with Defensive Accuracy CCW Firearms Training

Concealed Carry Weapons Training Available In Fairfield and Dublin

We offer CCW, Beginners, and Dynamic firearms classes in partnership with Defensive Accuracy LLC. Their “GOOD GUY WITH A GUN ™ training is recommended if you intend to purchase or already own a gun for self-defense!

Top Brands of Accessories for Rifles, Shotguns, and Pistols

Not only does Guns, Fishing and Other stuff have an excellent selection of firearms, we have all the accessories you need! Let us help you customize your new or existing firearm for the type of shooting you will be doing. Accessories that fit your specific model of rifle, shotgun or pistol are crucial to safe hunting or sport shooting! Don’t settle for generic accessories for your pistol, rifle or shotgun when the perfect one for you is available! We have accessories for all budget and needs.

Accessories For Law Enforcement, Armed Security Guards, and CCW

We also stock accessories for those who carry a weapon in the performance of their jobs. Whether you are a sworn law enforcement officer or an armed security guard, you can be sure Guns, Fishing and Other Stuff as the right accessory for you! The right accessories can increase the safety and comfort of carrying a weapon on your person for extended periods of time!

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Gun Vaults, Safes, and Storage Accessories

Your investment in rifles, shotguns, and pistols, as well as specialty accessories, can easily amount to tens of thousands of dollars. One firearm or an extensive collection of firearms and ammunition deserve appropriate, secure storage. Whether you need a big vault or smaller handgun safe, Guns, Fishing and Other Stuff has secure storage for firearms to meet your needs. Be sure to update your homeowners and renters insurance as well! Typical insurance limits coverage on your firearms!

We also recommend that you keep an accurate inventory of all your firearms, including serial numbers and copies of invoices in a secure location such as a safe deposit box. While the most robust gun vaults can protect your firearms collection from theft and fire, should the unthinkable happen, well-kept records will help when it comes to insurance claims and if necessary, providing law enforcement with proper documentation.

Ammunition Inventory and Selection is still facing tight supply and pricing pressures. (March 2022)

Ammunition For  Rifles, Shotguns, and Pistols

One of the biggest challenges is keeping a diverse selection of ammunition in stock. We work hard to keep our ammunition inventory in tune with seasonal and recreational shooting needs. We know target shooters want affordable, but accurate ammunition. Ammunition for deer, dove, and duck hunting is once again getting scarce. While we are scouring our suppliers for ammunition inventory, feel free to call for current ammunition inventory.

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New gun purchase rebates for California gun buyers

We Buy Used Handguns Certified For Sale In California

Guns, Fishing and Other Stuff will consider buying your hand gun if it is on California’s current list of Handguns Certified For Sale. Regardless of any other compliance standards met, if your handgun is not on this list, it cannot be bought or sold by Guns, Fishing, and Other Stuff.

If you meet all requirements set forth by California state law and your handgun is on the Handguns Certified For Sale in California, we will consider buying your handgun. We are one of the few gun stores that will pay cash for your qualified, used handgun. You can also get a credit that can be used anywhere in the store, including on a new or used handgun or rifle.

We do not offer gun or rifle appraisal services.

State of California Department of Justice – Handguns Certified For Sale In California