Gun Range Vacaville Dublin Guns Fishing and Other Stuff

Guns, Fishing & Other Stuff Vacaville Range Is Open!

Vacaville Range Hours:

  • MONDAY: Closed
  • TUESDAY- FRIDAY: 10AM – 6:45PM
  • SATURDAY: 9AM – 6:45PM
  • SUNDAY: Closed

Range Rates

  • $20 First Per Hour
  • $12 Standard Gun Rental
  • $15 Premium Gun Rental
  • $1 Eyes or Ears
  • Targets $1.25 Each or 3 For $3
  • Zombie Targets $1.50

All Shooters Must Present A Valid ID – Pictures, Copies, or Expired IDs Will Not Be Accepted

Acceptable ID Types:


Use of Range Age Policy

  • You Must Be 21 To Shoot On Our Range Without A Legal Guardian
  • Shooters Under Under 21 (12 to 20) Must Be Accompanied By A Legal Guardian
  • Minimum Shooter Age Is 12 With Proof Of ID
  • Exception: Active Law Enforcement and Active Military Minimum Age Is 18 (Law Enforcement or Military ID Required)

Guns Fishing and Other Stuff Range Rules

Read the range rules HERE before going to our range!

Rules Clarification

Please note Range Rule #12 related to the number of people allowed per lane. Each lane is limited to a shooter and coach/supervisor.

No more than two people can be at a lane or present in the range area, even as an observer or a stand-by shooter.

If your visit includes two minors, you will need two adults and need to rent two lanes or two guns.