Do not try to sneak ammunition purchased in Nevada into California

While it is legal, you must ship that ammo into California

Recently we received a message that was both a question and a bit of a “comment” regarding ammo prices and “why not buy in Nevada?”

You can guess the comment part of this given both supply and prices of ammunition lately. “Gee, I can buy some of the stuff you are selling cheaper in Nevada, blah, blah blah…!

Well as we mentioned in that message, a resident of California can legally buy ammunition in Nevada! Just do not drive a single round of that ammunition across the CA/NV state line!

Whatever you think you are saving could come back and haunt you in the form of fines, confiscation of the illegally obtained ammunition, and of course, attorney fees to pull your buttocks out of the fire. (or at least soften the burning sensation).

While in certain cases, but not all, ammunition can be “cheaper” in Nevada, you take a lot of risk when buying ammunition in Nevada and then getting busted carrying it over the state line into California.

At the same time, if you buy ammunition in California and go shooting in Nevada, be sure to carry your receipt that proves it was purchased in California! The only thing worse that getting busted with illegally purchased ammo is not being able to prove you legally bought ammo you are carrying back into California.

Going shooting in Nevada or beyond, by all means, feel free to buy and expend every single round there!

It is a known fact that California and Federal agencies “observe” buyers of guns and ammunition at stores convenient to the CA/NV border. While proving “chain of custody” isn’t always easy, the State of California can load up on you in ways you will likely negotiate a path to less pain.

Ah, but my buddy lives in Reno! I will have him drive me to the store and even buy the ammo so no one will suspect I am taking the ammunition into California…

How unfortunate it would be if a random stop by CA LE resulted in a search of your automobile? Any ammo not documented as purchased legally in California, could result in an extended “roadside rest stop” courtesy of the CHP.

You could be charged with a misdemeanors or felonies. There are at least two charges one could face when caught with illegally purchased ammunition in Nevada once they are in California. Both are related to “importing or causing to be imported”.

Where is the bargain saved if you lose your Right to own a gun?

One is the actually possession of the illegally purchased ammunition and the other is not having what was legally purchased ammunition (until you crossed state lines), shipped from one FFL licensee to another in California.

The only safe way to get ammo purchased in Nevada legally into California is by shipping it from one FFL to another!

Guns, Fishing and Other Stuff does not assist in shipping ammunition from Nevada or any other State into California.